Monday, March 8, 2010

Morrison Without Hair!

Morrison is eagerly anticipating her new scalp and new hair, even tho it will be a little while since this is my first customizing project and i want it to go well. i've heard it takes ages to weave hair into a scalp, but ill do it! lol. i bought sum orange-red mohair off etsy; it's going to be so pretty. I was working on Morrison today and cut my fingernail; OUCH! it really hurt, and still does, im just hoping it doesnt get infected. Morrison is enjoying lounging around and having sum quiet time, away from her little sisters (Flannery and Lucy). But she is very excited to. Here is a picture of Morrison once i removed her scalp. She's a ADG, so there is still a LOT of gluey hair bits that i plan on sanding off when my sandpaper comes in the mail. that's it for now!

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  1. Hi! This is Amy (amyjuice) from TIB. Nice you see your blog, I shall follow your blythey adventures with enthusiasm. Question: How is the scalp now that it has come off with all that hair left in the glue? Are the wefts falling out or is it ok?
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